Cowries Consultancy Limited

Success Stories

"Very Professional"

I engaged them for my student enrolment process. They gave me very useful information that helped speed up the process. I highly recommend them if you're looking for placement in UK universities.

Mark S.
"Online Training"

Their online training courses covers a wide array of topics and courses to choose form. I have accessed their courses for research and educational purposes. They were very useful.

Jane L.

I was introduced to a volunteering group where I could get involve with the community. It was a very helpful experience for me and I have continued with the group since.

Parker T.

I have no regrets after deciding to use the services of Cowries Consultancy Limited. My consultant helped me fulfill my dream of enrolling at Lincoln University and receiving a scholarship. The professional staff patiently supported me throughout the application process including securing my study visa.

Philip A.
South Africa
"SOP Writing"

Cowries Consultancy Limited made a huge contribution to my securing an offer from University College London. Their assistance with writing my SOP made all the difference!

Riya B.

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